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Pulsar Plus Piezo Stimulator

Pulsar Plus Piezo Stimulator

Pocket pen model from Japan, generates a strong stimulation pulse by pushing the activator at the end of the unit. Attractive chrome finish.

$120.00 (excl. GST)

  • The Piezo Stimulator generates a single electric impulse by compressing and releasingpressure on a piezo crystal insde the simulator. A single pulse, approximately 10 mirco-seconds, with a peak voltage up tp 10,000 volts is generated with each activation. The Piezo crystal has a life of 5,000-10,000 pulses, depending on the condition of use.
  • To use Piezo Stimulator properly, always provide a grounding path by holding the patient's hand or arm firmly or by having the patient touch part of the stimulator.
  • Activating the stimulator withour grounding the body will shorten the lifetime of the stimulator.
  • Made in Japan