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Seirin Needles

Seirin Needles

Seirin needles are ideal for using on first time acupuncture patients, children and for subtle Japanese-style acupuncture techniques.


Seirin needles come pre-sterilised and ready to use in individual sterile plastic guide tubes.  These needles are of a thinner gauge and are therefore virtually painless on insertion. 

$26.15 (excl. GST)

Seirin developed the first single use disposable acupuncture needle in 1978 and since then, has been setting the world's standards for high quality, uniform, painless acupuncture needles.   With Seirin's fully automated and state of the art manufacturing process, you can be sure you are using the finest, smoothest, safest and most advanced acupuncture needle available in the world. 


There are many aspects of the manufacturing process that were developed by and are proprietary to Seirin.  From their rotational drawing process that gives the stainless steel a strong internal structure to their automated sharpening process, from their triple polishing and buffing to their electronic cleaning process, Seirin's superior processes and technology are the reason the needles live up to their legendary reputation.