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Zen Sports Spray 125ml

Zen Sports Spray 125ml

Zen Sports therapeutic massage liniment Spray is a valuable addition to your natural medicine collection. It can help relieve the discomfort and pain associated with sports injuries, sprains, general muscle aches and bruising. Providing a convenient, fast effective topical pain relief, it helps to promote blood circulation to relieve pain and inflammation.

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  • Sports Injuries Including Sprains, General Muscle Aches and Bruising
  • Promotes Blood Circulation to Relieve Pain and Inflammation
  • Fast and Effective Topical Pain Relief


  • Zen Sports Spray comes in a plastic bottle, to allow for easy travel and use of product
  • The base is thicker allowing for ease when massaging it in
  • Contains camphor which helps provide heat and supports massage


Arnica Flower 20mg
Therapeutic ingredient with anti-inflammatory effect to help relieve minor sporting injuries including sprains and general muscle aches, as well as bruises. It is supported by mint in the formulation to provide pain relief activity.

Commiphora Myrrha 14mg
Traditionally used for sporting Injuries as it promotes blood circulation, and reduces pain, swelling and inflammation. Its effects are increased when used in combination with Boswellia carter)!.

Mentha Arvensis 100mg
Used for its pain relief properties, and to provide Zen Sports Spray with its signature mint aroma.

Panax Pseudoginseng 16mg
Traditionally used to eliminate blood stasis and promote circulation to relieve pain, swelling and sprains.

Boswellia Carterii 16mg
Traditionally used to invigorate the blood, relieve pain of the muscles and reduce swelling. It is often used in combination with Commiphora Myrrh to enhance
therapeutic effect.

Camphor 20mg
Added as an excipient to the formulation
to provide warmth to the skin as it is massaged in.